Clarence Says Thanks


Clarence came to Together needing help getting an ID, but had no forms of identification required to get one. He had been laid off from a factory job the previous year and had trouble finding employment. He lost his ID along with other paperwork including his birth certificate, which made it even more difficult to find employment. Clarence ultimately found a job, however he had to have an ID for the company’s Human Resource Department before he could start.


Together’s intake staff met with Clarence and began to brainstorm how he could get a birth certificate so that he could obtain a state ID. We asked if his parents would be willing to apply on his behalf. He said that he did not have a good relationship with them and he did not think they would because they did not talk often. Our staff offered to call his mother for him and explain the situation. Clarence agreed to this. Although is mother confirmed that she and Clarence did not have a good relationship, in order to help him secure employment, she was willing to help.


Our staff faxed the application form and the mother faxed it back right away with a photocopy of her ID. Since he was born in Omaha, it did not take long to get his birth certificate. Clarence was then able to get his ID and start his new job.


He was very grateful and even sent Together a thank you card.


Together believes strongly that community involvement is vital to creating positive change in our community. When volunteers come together and serve, they not only do something great for families in need, but they also learn the importance of working together, building relationships, and developing a network of community service-oriented friends.


Youths, professional and civic groups, faith organizations, families and individuals are all welcome to volunteer with Together. Over 2,000 volunteers annually visit our facility to help with our daily tasks and special projects such as preparing food pantry boxes or interacting with clients in our store.


To see a more complete list of our volunteer opportunities feel free to look through the different position categories below. Our needs change regularly depending on the coming and going of volunteers and the number of activities we need accomplished. Please review our regular volunteer needs and please contact us to see if the one you’re interested in is currently available. We want our volunteers to have a purposeful experience while serving at Together.


On-Site Opportunities

Together has a variety of on-site volunteer needs such as unloading food deliveries, stocking shelves, or helping to distribute food and other resources to clients. Other projects include assisting with general office duties such as filing and data entry, or to complete a painting or maintenance project in our building. Take a look at the different volunteer opportunities and contact us to see what might be available!



Together wants to make sure we keep people updated with our latest events and needs. There are different resources that we have available and are in need of volunteers to help maintain and upkeep them. Take a look at what volunteers can do to inform people in the community about our programs and service, as well as the issues of poverty we battle.


Support Raising

Together relies on more than just volunteers to get our services done, we also benefit from other resources provided by outside organizations and individuals. When members of the community, be it individuals, churches, schools, neighborhoods, or businesses, reach out and help people in need we hope they consider Together! If you’re looking for a way to help with our services, but don’t have time to come volunteer at our site, this might be the best way for you to help us on your own time by organizing people in your community or network.


Together is grateful to all of our volunteers for sharing their time and talents to help people in need!


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