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Frequently Asked Questions - At Home Pantry Delivery

The pantry home delivery program is a collaborative effort by Together, Whispering Roots, Catholic Charities, and the Life House Diaper Bank to provide a one-time delivery of fresh and shelf stable food to recipients that are determined to be unable to access a traditional food pantry due to lack of transportation or health reasons. We believe food is a human right, and everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food.

Who can request a delivery?

We welcome those who are unable to pick up a food pantry at the Together building due to illness, disability, or other barriers to request a delivery with the intake specialist. We will provide a food pantry for the entire household. Your delivery address must be within a determined radius.

How many deliveries can be requested?

As this is an emergency food relief effort, it is a one-time delivery only.

What comes in a delivery?

Food pantries include fresh produce, dairy items, shelf-stable items and meat when available. We do not take requests for specific food items at this time. We can also provide non-food items such as diapers, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies when we have them available.

What will the delivery intake specialist ask me?

The intake specialist will ask you to share about your household’s need for a food pantry delivery. They will also ask for information necessary to make the delivery such as your home address, contact information, dietary restrictions and number of people in your household. If you live in an apartment building, the intake specialist will ask for the apartment complex name and for any codes needed to get into the building.

When will I get my delivery?

You will be scheduled to receive a delivery as soon as possible depending on our demand. The intake specialist will tell you your scheduled date. Deliveries are made on weekdays between 9 am and 2 pm. You will not be assigned a specific delivery time and drivers will not notify you ahead of time. You will be contacted once your food pantry has been delivered. 

What can I expect on my delivery day?

Our delivery drivers will deliver your food pantry between 9 am and 2 pm. They will place your delivery outside your front door, or wherever you specified to the intake specialist that you would like it (as long as the area is safe and accessible). The delivery drivers will knock or ring your doorbell, and then walk away from your home. The delivery drivers will look to see if you take your food pantry. If they do not see anyone from the home take the food pantry, they will leave the delivery and text your number to let you know that they delivered your food pantry. They will ask you to text back verifying that you received your food pantry delivery. 

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

Yes. We ask that you be home to immediately put away your perishable food items and to ensure that your food pantry is not taken by another party. We are not liable for stolen food pantry deliveries. 

What if the weather is bad on my delivery day?

We do not deliver if the weather is unsafe for our drivers. Additionally, we will not deliver if the walkway to or around your home is unsafe or not accessible, for example, if snow on pathways is not shoveled or a gate cannot be opened.

Can the delivery driver help bring my food pantry delivery inside my home?

No. Our food pantry delivery is a contact-less service. Your food items will be placed outside your home for you to bring in. If you have physical limitations that would make it difficult for you to bring your food inside, please indicate this to the intake specialist. They will work with you to make accommodations if possible.

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