Move In Collection Drive

Move-In Kit Collection Drives

Host a collection drive with your group to collect items to be assembled into move-in kits. These kits are utilized in our Rapid Rehousing programs.  Your efforts will ensure that the shelves are always stocked with the basics a family will need to begin.


Implementation Checklist



Register – Complete Together’s online registration form.


Decide where you want to have a move-in essentials drive.

Decide where you would like to host your Move-In Kit Collection Drive. A drive may be held at your house, corporate office, a place of worship, your work, in your neighborhood, or any place you can organize a group.


Decide when you want to have the move-in collection drive.

The date, time, and duration of your Move-In Kit Collection Drive will be up to you. Ensure that your group will have enough time to prepare for your Move-In Kit Collection Drive, to collect move-in kit donations, to assemble the move-in kit items into move-in kits, and to deliver the assembled move-in kits to Together.


Who will be involved?

Establish who will be in charge of each step in organizing and carrying out the Move-In Kit Collection Drive. Who will contact Together? Who will organize and schedule volunteers? Who will promote the Move-In Kit Collection Drive within the community? Who will deliver the collected move-in kits to Together afterwards?


What supplies do you need?

Determine what supplies will be necessary for your group’s Move-In Kit Drive. Common supplies needed include boxes for Move-In Kit items collection, sacks for community member to collect their donations in, signs and posters to publicize the Move-In Kit Collection Drive, and handouts or fliers letting community members know what move-in kit items are being collected.


How will you host the move-in essentials drive?

1. Contact Together and organize the Move-In Kit Collection Drive.


2. Let people in your community know about the Move-In Kit Collection Drive, where the collection boxes are located, and what move-in kit items are being collected. Move-In Kits include: Trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, hand brooms, cleaning supplies (Ajax, Windex, dish soap, laundry detergent), cleaning gloves, Kleenex, a laundry basket, bleach, sponges, a toilet bowl brush, and a 5-gallon wash bucket in which to place all of the items.


3. When the collection boxes are full assemble the move-in kits and contact Together to schedule a time to deliver them to Together.


*Stapling a printed-off list of what move-in kit items are needed to the distributed donation bags is a great way to boost donations!

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