Ozzie came to Together seeking assistance to obtain a birth certificate. We learned that he was living at the Open Door Mission. We asked Ozzie if he was accessing the services available through the Open Door Mission. He indicated that he wasn’t. We asked him what he needed help with, and he said, “a place to live.” We told him about the Douglas County General Assistance program, and shortly thereafter, Ozzie set up an appointment.


When we followed up on his case, we learned that Ozzie had been directed to contact the Rapid Re-housing Program. Again, we worked with Ozzie to complete the necessary paperwork.


We suggested to Ozzie that he work with Rapid Re-housing via Open Door Mission and coached him to work with his Open Door Mission social worker so they could put him in contact with other agencies that would help him out of his homelessness.

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Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness

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