Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive

Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive

Host a collection drive with your group to collect kitchen essentials to be utilized in our Rapid Rehousing programs. Together will rehouse around 125 families each year, your efforts will ensure that the shelves are always stocked with the basics a family will need.


Implementation Checklist



Register – Complete Together’s online registration form.


Decide where you want to have a kitchen essentials drive.

Decide where you would like to host your Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive.  A drive may be held at your house, corporate office, school, a place of worship, your work, in your neighborhood, or any place you can organize a group.


Decide when you want to have the kitchen collection drive.

The date, time, and duration of your Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive will be up to you. Ensure that your group will have enough time to prepare for your Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive, to collect kitchen essentials donations, and to deliver your collected kitchen essential items to Together.


Who will be involved?

Establish who will be in charge of each step in organizing and carrying out the Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive. Who will contact Together? Who will organize and schedule volunteers? Who will promote the Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive within the community? Who will deliver the collected kitchen essentials to Together afterwards?


What supplies do you need?

Determine what supplies will be necessary for your group’s Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive. Common supplies needed include: boxes for kitchen essentials collection, paper sacks for community members to collect their donations in, signs and posters to publicize the Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive, and handouts or fliers letting community member know what kitchen essential items are being collected.


How will you host the kitchen essentials drive?

1. Contact Together and organize the Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive.


2. Let people in your community know about the Kitchen Essentials Collection Drive, where the collection boxes are located, and what kitchen essentials are being collected. Kitchen essentials include: plates, glasses, silverware, bowls, pots, pans, spatulas, and other related items.


3. When the collection boxes are full, contact Together and schedule a delivery date and time to deliver the collected kitchen essential items.


*Stapling a printed-off list of what kitchen essentials are needed to the distributed donation bags is a great way to boost donations!



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