Kathy’s Story


Kathy is a divorced single mother of three. Three months ago, Kathy was laid off from her job as a home health care provider. Last month, she found a job, but after already being unemployed for two months, she needed help making it until her first paycheck arrived.


She was scheduled for court where her landlord was going to evict her for non-payment of rent. Together referred her to Family Housing, thinking she may qualify for their HPRP funding. They agreed to help her with two months of rent another agency would cover the balance. Together and St. Vincent De Paul came together to cover the balance owed.


Her landlord agreed to drop the court hearing in lieu of all of us catching her up and confirmation that her new job would be able to sustain her.

public assistance

ACCESS Nebraska is an online application process to apply for the following Nebraska public assistance benefit programs:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamp Benefits (SNAP)
  • Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)
  • Aid to Aged, Blind and Disabled
  • Energy Assistance
  • Kids Connection
  • Child Care Subsidy

Click here for the website and start your application today.


Need help with the application? Together is a Community Partner offering public computers, technical assistance and more information.


WIC is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, infants and young children eat well, learn about nutrition and stay healthy. Click here to learn more.  


ADC (Aid to Dependent Children) program provides cash assistance to low-income families with children 18 or younger. ADC income is used to pay for family living expenses like rent, utilities, food, clothing, and other necessities. ADC is often the only source of income for a family.


To be eligible for ADC cash assistance, a family must have net monthly income less than the program’s need and payment standards.


Sometimes, families may consist of both parents and children. At other times, there may be a parent absent due to separation, divorce, or death. When both parents are absent, a different family member such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle may receive on behalf of the child(ren). Click here for more information.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly Food Stamps) helps raise nutrition levels among low-income households. The federal program helps low-income people buy food. It’s not necessary to be receiving other public assistance in order to be eligible, but people don’t receive SNAP benefits automatically — they must apply and be found eligible. Click here for more information.


Kids Connection is an expansion of Medicaid as health care coverage for qualified children who are without other health insurance and who do not qualify for Medicaid. Federally called the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), it provides the same services covered under Medicaid. Click here for more information.


Medicaid Program which provides health care services to eligible elderly and disabled individuals and eligible low-income pregnant women, children and parents. Click here to learn more.


The terms Medicaid and Medicare are often used interchangeably however they are two separate programs.

Medicare is a federal program and DHHS does not administer it.

Medicaid is administered through the state of Nebraska through DHHS.


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