Hygiene Kit Collection

Hygiene Kit Collection Drive

Host a collection drive with your group to collect items to be assembled into hygiene kits. These kits are utilized in our Prevention programs to support families so they can make it to their next payday. Together provides approximately 5,000 families each year with hygiene kits. Your efforts ensure that the kits are always available when a family needs them.


Implementation Checklist



Register – Complete Together’s online registration form.


Decide where you want to have the hygiene collection drive.

Decide where you would like to host your Hygiene Kit Collection Drive. A drive may be held at your house, corporate office, place of worship, your work, in your neighborhood, or any place you can organize a group.


Decide when you want to have the hygiene collection drive.

The date, time, and duration of your Hygiene Kit Collection Drive will be up to you. Ensure that your group will have enough time to prepare for your Hygiene Kit Collection Drive, to collect hygiene donations, to assemble the hygiene items into hygiene kits, and to deliver the assembled hygiene kits to Together.


Who will be involved?

Establish who will be in charge of each step in organizing and carrying out the Hygiene Kit Collection Drive. Who will contact Together? Who will organize and schedule volunteers? Who will promote the Hygiene Kit Collection Drive within the community? Who will deliver the collected hygiene kits to Together afterwards?


What supplies do you need?

Determine what supplies will be necessary for your group’s Hygiene Kit Collection Drive. Common supplies needed include: boxes for hygiene items collection, paper sacks for community members to collect their donations in, signs and posters to publicize the Hygiene Kit Collection Drive, and handouts or fliers letting community members know what hygiene items are being collected.


How will you host the hygiene collection drive?

1. Contact Together and organize the Hygiene Kit Collection Drive.


2. Let people in your community know about the Hygiene Kit Collection Drive, where the collection boxes are located, and what hygiene items are being collected. Hygiene kits include: shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor, comb/brush, lotion, band-aids, hand sanitizer, deodorant, travel tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss,  washcloth, soap/body wash, tampons    


3. You may also consider collecting and assembling baby hygiene kits. Baby/Children kits include: baby formula, jarred baby food, baby oatmeal or rice, baby wipes, diapers (size 3-6, pull-ups), baby lotion, baby shampoo/soap, comb,  kids toothpaste, kids sized toothbrush


4. When the collection drive has ended and the boxes are full, the hygiene items are then placed into a larger Ziploc bag, making a hygiene kit.


*Printing off a list of items needed and stapling to the distributed donation bag is a great way to boost donations!           


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