Willie Learns to Budget


In January, we met Willie, a man who suffers from OCD and Anxiety. Willie is a veteran and is currently involved with the VA mental health clinic. He also receives assistance from HUD VASH (rental subsidy for veterans). Willie was referred to us because his landlord decided to renovate the apartment complex he lived in. At this place, he did not have to pay utilities, however at his new home he would have to – which meant finding money for deposits at both MUD and OPPD.


Willie couldn’t see how he could pay for either deposit and he reluctantly came to Together for help. After we completed our HUD risk assessment and detailed budget with him, we were able to show him how he could pay one of the deposits on his own. We reviewed his income and how it came in during the month vs. when he had to pay all bills – Willie learned more about how to manage his money when we showed him what had to be paid at the beginning of the month with his first paycheck and what to pay with his second paycheck.


Willie was relieved. Not only could he get through this unexpected move, he could get through each month a little easier.


Sometimes it is the little things like this, which many of us take for granted, that help people stay in their homes – with little or no assistance.


Our services are more critical than ever, and with the compassion of our charitable supporters, we are able to carry out our mission of helping local people in desperate need.

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Community Partnerships

We value our community and business partners and work to find creative and effective marketing opportunities to help meet your specific goals. Together partners with many corporations and organizations that generously support our mission through initiatives, special events and seasonal programs.  


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