Mrs. Jones


Mrs. Jones came to Together in the spring of 2010. She was living in a shelter. We helped her move out of the shelter and into an apartment by helping her find assistance with her deposit and paying her first month’s rent.


A year later, Mrs. Jones returned to Together when she was having an issue with her landlord. Although she had documented receipts for her monthly rent over the 12-month period, her landlord had erroneously missed crediting her for one payment.


We advocated for Mrs. Jones, calling the management company and helping her fax copies of her receipts. The company acknowledged their mistake and agreed to waive the purported balance.

working together

Together was founded as a collaborative effort through Omaha’s diverse faith community. From the very beginning the faith community saw the value of combining financial and other resources to  create an expert center to help people that are most in need.  The faith community continues to actively support this same spirit of collaboration. We work closely with each of our seven founders and many more congregations. We welcome others that want to work with our movement.



Together’s Greatest Need
People often think of donating food and material goods such as furniture and household goods to Together. In order for organization to best serve the people in our community with the most need, your financial contributions are also needed.


Financial Support

Your support allows Together to provide over 45,000 services to over 15,000 people with the most need. These numbers don’t include the multitude of people assisted by the other 47 agencies we support at no charge in the Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie counties. You can take pride in knowing your contribution to Together is an investment in our community. When you provide funding, you become a vital partner to our mission. When you invest, you become a part of the solution.


Consider the following options and how they might work for your congregation:


From the General Budget

Some congregations have an annual line item in their budget for Together. By selecting organizations like Together that mirror your congregation’s beliefs you lead by example.  This helps strengthen the act of helping the people with the most need.

Through the Committees

Is your Mission Committee looking to undertake the responsibility of helping the poorest of the poor in our community? Maybe a hands-on experience for the Youth Group where they can see how they make a difference?  When your congregation has a direct experience, it personalizes your mission to help others with the most need.

An Offering

Many congregations have a monthly offering plate or a second offering during services that is invested in a partnership with Together. Others have a special offering at the holidays. Invite Together to speak to your congregation today!

Host a Fundraiser

Fun and fellowship can go a long way in raising funds for the mission of Together.  Golf outings, pancake breakfasts, garage sale, youth bake sales, or car washes are just a few of the fundraisers others do.

Referral Services

Many congregations support Together so we can help you support your congregation and surrounding community. For most, it is difficult to see someone struggling when they come to your door needing gas to get to work. How do you determine who should receive financial assistance, and what should that even look like? Is there true need a rent payment or is it getting them connected to food stamps or job training?


You are the expert in faith and spiritual support and care. Together is the expert in social service support and care. Let’s talk about how we can help you, support your community.


Direct Service Support

As a congregation’s needs grow, many consider offering direct services such as a pantry. Before investing your resources in starting up a program, investigate the local resources. Learning about your neighborhood and what services are available will help you decide when and how you can become part of the solution. Generally areas west of 72nd Street are underserved and need the most support. Poverty leaves no zip code untouched.


Together provides many services to assist agencies and programs to people in need. If you offer, or are considering offering services, please explore our ‘For Agencies’ section of our website to see how we can assist you with food, furniture, and case management.


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