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Mary came in for assistance with her utility bill. She met with a caseworker from Together, and during her assessment, we realized that Mary was struggling financially due to high monthly medical bills. We helped Mary get approved for utility assistance to cover her immediate needs, and accompanied her to One World Community Health Center to connect her with their assistance program. We also helped Mary receive reimbursement from Medicare for erroneous charges that she had already paid which totaled nearly $200.

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Together works to create unique partnerships in order to efficiently and effectively create a better safety net for our community. These partnerships allow each organization increase their capacity to serve.


If we have it, we share it.


Together’s Mobile Pantry

The Mobile Pantry allows us to provide real pantry services for non-pantry human service organizations, at their service site to ease the burden of access for their clients. Free of charge to you and your clients.


We know you have other priorities. Together wants to make accessing food easy for everyone. This is a service for you and once registered, we do everything: manage the paperwork and deliver the right number of pre-assembled food boxes.


This is not a pallet drop and this is not labor intensive for you.


Example: Justice For our Neighbors works with people by providing free, high-quality legal services, education, and advocacy. Their clients have needs beyond legal services. Because of this, JFON explored opening their own pantry. Instead, they opted to utilize Together’s Mobile Pantry service twice a month. This allowed them to stay focused on their core services.


Together’s On-Site Caseworkers

Your agency can offer Together’s assistance programs in your location to meet your programming goals. You determine the focus of the casework: prevent homelessness, ease the burden of living in poverty or decrease school mobility rates.


Together’s Caseworkers use a three-part process that uses Assessments, Referrals and Assistance for people that are experiencing the impacts of poverty. Together’s program features include:


Verify the status for access to a multitude of community programs and provide direction for other programs such as free tax preparation, access to low-income banking, financial and credit counseling, legal aid, and sliding scale medical and mental health providers.


Identify and refer to Workforce Development programs.


Document mainstream services that people are accessing and/or connect them to food stamps (SNAP), WIC, TANF, SCHIP, Medicaid, Aid to Aged, Blind and Disabled, Energy Assistance, Kids Connection and Child Care Subsidies.


Use Best-Practice risk factors to identify which people meet your program criteria.


We use HMIS/ServicePoint for documentation and management of performance measurements.  Click here for more information on HMIS.


Focused on Strengths-Based case management and Client Choice for which programs to access and level of assistance they need to access their Choice.


Emergency financial assistance is available. Financial assistance includes security deposits, rent, utility deposits and utility payments, bus tickets, ID’s and birth certificates.


This program has a nominal off-set fee. Contact us to explore funding options.


Together’s Safety Net

Your education program has a focus. Your families have other basic human needs that have to be met in order to stay focused and succeed in your program.


We provide this Safety Net in a way that is convenient for you and them. We are committed to providing resources that help your students meet their goals.


Example: Financial Hope Collaborative works to teach extremely low income families how to become financially fit. Each family is provided a free food pantry box each month they are in the program. This offsets other expenses and helps them reach financial stability sooner. When needed, we also work to mediate their utility bills and get them on a level payment plan, help them with rent or introduce them to Back to School and Holiday programs.


Together Community Resource Guides

These resource handbooks contain valuable information about low cost and no cost resources in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawatamie Counties. This is a great resource for your staff as they help their clients navigate the services they need in the community. Please feel free to order additional copies for your lobby .


Information is compiled and updated by Together in cooperation with 2-1-1 and Omaha Public Power District. Click here to view each of the Community Resource Guides.


Please contact us if you would like to order Resource Guides.


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