Dave and Shirley


Dave and Shirley came to Together for rent assistance. At the time, they were staying in a hotel, paid for by Red Cross because they lost everything in a house fire. Dave and Shirley were both unemployed. Shirley had been laid off six months prior from a job that she had held for four years. Dave was unemployed for sixteen months after being seriously injured from a ladder fall. He was having a hard time finding work and obtaining disability.


Dave and Shirley found a landlord that let them move in without having to advance a deposit or rent payment prior to moving in. After meeting with one of Together’s intake workers, they were approved for rent and deposit and received furniture and household items from our store to help get them started.


Together was able to help Dave and Shirley with our own resources, and we connected them to other programs in the community. One of these resources was a disability attorney that helped Dave get disability assistance. Together also connected Dave and Shirley with employment agencies to help them with their job search.


Both Dave and Shirley were very grateful for the time that Together’s staff listened and helped them problem-solve what seemed overwhelming to them.

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Together is a local, independent non-profit that was initially conceived in response to the tornado disaster in 1975 that struck the metropolitan area in 1975 and left hundreds of families homeless, hungry and in great need.


The leaders of Countryside Community Church, Dundee Presbyterian, Temple Israel, Kountze Memorial Lutheran, Trinity Cathedral, First United Methodist, St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, and many others organized the “Together” cooperative effort to meet the immediate needs of the hundreds of families that were struggling with the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, and shelter.


However, our founders soon realized that thousands of families in Omaha need relief every day and opened the FREE services of Together to the community year round. This effort provided for ongoing human needs, primarily, the basic necessities of life: food and shelter. 



Together is currently in the 42nd year of helping people in our community, but do so with a more streamlined and data enhanced approach. Together case managers utilize tools to either rapidly rehouse or keep a household in their home. These tools include: case management, financial assistance, employment assistance, financial education assistance, navigation services, food, furniture, bus tickets, and identification.

We have diverse fund sources that include government, private donors, foundations, the faith community and grants. Significant programmatic support comes from the faith, corporate and government also have a significant role in our fund development and stability.



Together prevents and ends homelessness in the Omaha community.



We envision a community of prosperity where everyone experiences safe, affordable housing, food security, health and wellness.
We value Hope, Dignity, Compassion, Excellence, and Diversity when serving the nearly 22,000 individuals and families we see each and every year.



We value Hope, Dignity, Compassion, Excellence, and Diversity when serving the nearly 22,000 individuals and families we see each and every year.

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